Details of participation and contents of the dossier

The dossier consists of:

Technical description: Short technical description (1 A4) according to the template. This includes: team name, short project presentation; product name, category (snack, dish, dessert, drink etc), composition, process, packaging and storage; the innovative aspect.

Product description: Consists of presenting a new food product: recipe, method of preparation, technology, packaging, taste, odor and appearance. It will be indicated why the product is innovative. Attention is also paid to the possibility of industrial production and / or market potential. The packaging is described with attention to environmental aspects. A proposal for labeling is made.

Media file: This consists of two photos, namely the product and the team (in standard format. JPEG and in high resolution, max. 1200 * 800 pixels, high resolution 300pi) and an informative and attractive text with a maximum of 150 words. These photos with text will be included in a brochure intended for the public. It is therefore advisable to be careful with the information that is released.

Brief business plan : A concise business plan that includes the following points:

The files are assessed on content and presentation (oral and written). The organization determines the evaluation criteria. You will find the evaluation criteria on the evaluation form for jury members. The jury will consist of a maximum of 8 people. The jury members assess the files on the basis of the imposed criteria and the presentation of the students.The members of the jury are representatives of business, science, communication and education. The jury members will sign a confidentiality clause. In case of force majeure (in case a jury member is absent for a certain presentation, for example) the average score of the other jury members will be taken for the absent member. The individual score sheets that the jury members have entered are confidential. The results of the jury members are processed on the spot, are binding and are not up for discussion.

Practical arrangements
Upon arrival at the location, the team reports to the registration desk. The teams must ensure that they bring enough to allow each member of the jury to taste the product.The participants take their presentation with them on a USB stick.
The presentations may take a maximum of 25 minutes: 15 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for presenting the samples for the jury and answering the questions of the jury.

Other provisions

Find here the regulations of the European competition