ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE Press Release, – October 4th 2017

16 countries competing for the Champion’s League in Food Innovation!

The ECOTROPHELIA Europe Champions League final will select the most innovative products in the frame of the FoodMattersLive exhibition, next November 21st and 22nd in London UK.

With 16 participating countries – including for the first time Portugal, ECOTROPHELIA confirms his position of European leader laboratory in food innovation. New consumer trends, progress in eco-conception, industrial process, flavors and textures..The future food engineers imagination is pushing forward the food industry in order to conceive together tomorrow’s food. A pool of talent, skills and innovation for the food industry, an educational model for higher education in Europe, ECOTROPHELIA Europe has from 2011 motivated the organization of 115 national competitions, involving 550 universities and more than 3500 students. A hundred of products issued from ECOTROPHELIA Europe have been manufactured and reached the market.

Sixteen countries are involved in the 2017 agri-food innovation students awards :

1. BELGIUM – Tagliavena – a gluten-free oatmeal pasta enriched with whey proteins

2. CROATIA – Pro28 – an innovative chocolate with 28% of added protein, infused with barley and aronia extrudate.

3. DENMARK – Kyst Is – organic sorbet popsicles made with local ingredients and seaweed from the coasts of Scandinavia.

4. FRANCE – Croc&Vie – the only combination of sticks and sauce you can take anywhere for a healthy and a delicious snack.

5. GERMANY – Mixcuit – an approximately 12 cm long, hollow biscuit filled with a portion of sugar or milk powder.

6. GREECE – Avoyog Smoothie – a functional eco-friendly innovative smoothie beverage from avocado and Greek yoghurt whey. 

7. HUNGARY – Acebug – chewing-gum with natural flavonoids, anthocyanins which inhibit the saliva alpha-amilase activity.

8. ICELAND – Ugly – vegetable base made from aesthetically challenged produce aiming to minimize food waste.

9. ITALY – Aloe Spoon – a tasty and functional compote, 100% made with fruits and aloe-gel (no added sugars or additives).

10. NETHERLANDS – PopPeas – Vegetable base made from aesthetically challenged produce aiming to minimize food waste.

11. PORTUGAL – Salamar do Mar – a salami-like healthy product, made of Atlantic fish, vegetables and mushrooms.

12. ROMANIA – HiProBar – a healthy snack balanced in essential aminoacid content and other important nutritious components.

13. SERBIA – Roundy – a mixture of valuable nourishing components (proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins).

14. SLOVENIA – On My Whey – a unique whey based fruit dairy product with millet which makes healthy snacking easy.

15. SPAIN – Vake IT – a culinary aid presented by MonVegan for a vegan dish which only needs to be refrigerated.

16. UNITED KINGDOM – Yasaï Cauliflower Rice Sushi – Cauliflower rice rolls filled with carrot, cauliflower leaf, pickled beetroot, cucumber and spinach.

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The jury will be chaired by Mrs. Ariane ANDRES, Head of Academic Alliances, Open Innovation & Venturing – Nestlé Research Center. She will award three prizes (gold, silver, bronze) with respectively €6000, €4000, €2000, and the special mention “Coup de Coeur Innovation” jury prize. In 2017, the new special “Strategy communication” prize allocated by the EEIG ECOTROPHELIA Europe in the frame of the Food For Growth European program will be attributed for the first time, with an amount of €500.

In 2016, during the SIAL in Paris, ECOTROPHELIA Europe awarded the French innovation CarréLéon created by ENSAIA (École Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires de l’Université de Lorraine-Nancy), followed by Belgium (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and United Kingdom (Nottingham Trent University).

ECOTROPHELIA Europe is organized by the Vaucluse Chamber of Commerce with the support of the ANIA (National Association of Food Industry) and the European food Federations. Our supporting partners: 

Ministry of agriculture, Food and Forestry, Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Vaucluse County Council, NESTLÉ World, and the Campden BRI UK and FoodMatters Live

ECOTROPHELIA Europe coordinator: M. Dominique LADEVÈZE

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Vaucluse

Tel. : +33 (0)486 559 210 ▪ ▪

Press Relations: Claudine Ayme – Tel. +33 (0)6 09 84 64 62 /